Story of Park at Linguage Japanese Language School who has received a job offer

Listen to the story of Park at Linguage Japanese Language School who has received a job offer.

Voices from Students

Voices from Students

Listen to the stories of students who studied
business Japanese and who have received job offers.
Travel with the graduating students who have received job offers
from companies that they always dreamed of.

Voices from students・Park 1

While it was only a short period,
what I learned at Linguage Japanese
really boosted my self-confidence.


Major:Mechanical and automotive engineeringAutomobile parts manufacturer

I took a short term course to learn business Japanese after I got a job offer. Because the Japanese I had learned thus far was just regular everyday Japanese, I felt very unsure about how to behave in a business setting and about the customs of Japanese companies.

Curriculum at Linguage Japanese Language School

In our classes on business Japanese and job hunting, we had an exercise in "self-analysis". It involved not only analyzing your own strengths and weaknesses, but doing it for your classmates as well. It's not very hard to think of your own strengths, but when asked about your weaknesses it's not always so easy. I've had trouble with that question at interviews before. The exercise we did in class taught me how to turn my weakness into a strength, and turned out to be very useful.

Voices from students・Park 2

Message to those with a dream of “I want to work in Japan”

There are many people who study Japanese, but what about business Japanese? In order to work at a Japanese company you have to learn Japanese that you can use at work, and you have to know about Japanese business customs. At Linguage Japanese Language School I learned a lot that I can use at my company. If there are those among you who want to work at a Japanese company, please take the opportunity to learn business Japanese.