Story of Nizza at Linguage Japanese Language School who has received a job offer

Listen to the story of Nizza at Linguage Japanese Language School who has received a job offer.

Voices from Students

Voices from Students

Listen to the stories of students who studied
business Japanese and who have received job offers.
Travel with the graduating students who have received job offers
from companies that they always dreamed of.

Voices from students・Nizza 1

I always told myself
to not lose hope because
you will get a lot of rejections.


Major:Bank / FinanceEducational institution

We are aiming to have a high score here at Linguage Japanese Language School because at this school they want you to have high score always, they want you to study, study, study because they think that learning Japanese is really important. You need Japanese to get a permanent job in Japan. If you cannot speak Japanese during an interview they will not accept you. The teachers know that, so they want students to study hard.

How did you look for jobs?

I always go to job fairs, and look on Gaijinpot, all the websites here in Japan, I tried them all. Every day whenever I am free, I am searching for job offers online and submit my resume. Last year in November I went to a job fair held in Shinjuku. There I submitted around 10 resumes and three companies replied to me and I could interview with two of them. But in the end, they said "Unfortunately…" - I had a lot of rejections.It's okay for me. After that I applied again, again and again, at job fairs, online, etc. I did everything to get a job here in Japan so I could stay longe.

Voices from students・Nizza 2

Message to those with a dream of “I want to work in Japan”

Just study well, especially Japanese because it is really important and if you want to have a job at a Japanese company here in Japan they won't accept you unless you speak Japanese very well.
So, you have to put a lot of effort and time into learning Japanese. Also, try to go to job fairs, because there you can see and practice how they conduct interviews in English and in Japanese so it's really good for you. Try to look for a job yourself, even if the school is helping you to get a permanent job here in Japan. Try it yourself, push yourself. I think we all have to go outside of our box because if you cannot help yourself no one can help you, only yourself. So, believe in yourself and be confident.
Also, I want to say that please follow the rules here in Japan, its really important.
I mean, we students are only allowed to work 28 hours and if you extend that it's not good. Japan is really strict so if they find out that you are doing something illegal, they will send you back to your country. You spent a lot of money here, you spent a lot of time and effort to come here, so don't waste your opportunity.