Story of Earlwin at Linguage Japanese Language School who has received a job offer

Listen to the story of Earlwin at Linguage Japanese Language School who has received a job offer.

Voices from Students

Voices from Students

Listen to the stories of students who studied
business Japanese and who have received job offers.
Travel with the graduating students who have received job offers
from companies that they always dreamed of.

Voices from students・Earlwin 1

If you don't push yourself
and be confident
you cannot find a job.


Major:ITIT company

I studied IT, Information Technology, and majored in Web Site Development. I designed websites and did a little bit of network engineering. I do not have work experience, because I immediately came to Japan after I graduated from university in my home country.
I applied to 3 companies in total. But they didn't work out because they needed someone at JLPT N3 level.
The third company called me back, I think because the position was in English. I tried the interview and successfully got the job.

How did you look for jobs?

When I couldn't pass the skills test, they offered another job to me.
During the interview, I also had an oral examination, where they questioned my on critical thinking, IT stuff, etc. Right afterward, they told me that I did good.
I passed the first interview and they called me again to take another test.
I didn't pass that examination because it was for technical engineering. Despite not passing I still got a job at the company.
I had been applying for a job at the Engineering level but when I couldn't pass the skills test, fortunately, they offered another job to me, that had opened up because someone resigned. The open position was in technical support and they put me there.

Voices from students・Earlwin 2

Message to those with a dream of “I want to work in Japan”

I got a bit lucky.
But, speaking of luckiness, I think luck is a result of hard work because I went to a lot of interviews, job fairs, and that way I could successfully found the right company.