Story of Dorothee at Linguage Japanese Language School who has received a job offer

Listen to the story of Dorothee at Linguage Japanese Language School who has received a job offer.

Voices from Students

Voices from Students

Listen to the stories of students who studied
business Japanese and who have received job offers.
Travel with the graduating students who have received job offers
from companies that they always dreamed of.

Voices from students・Dorothee 1

If you are motivated and smile,
everything is possible.


Major:Secretary / AccountingSpecified Skilled Worker

Here in Japan I have had a part-time job for 1 year in building cleaning. I was very surprised because here in Japan this work does not at all have the same image it has in France. Here everyone does this job with joy, we are treated very well by the company and the employees of the companies for which we work are very respectful and are very grateful for the cleaning staff. In this context it becomes a very rewarding work. I really like this job, hence why I have decided to continue in this field beyond this year of study.

What was the Specified skilled worker test?

I also passed two tests of ability to be able to obtain the new type of visa in Japan. These two tests are in hotel trade and cleaning. The hotel trade one is a written test with written questions which are supposed to be of an N4 level but are far beyond. But it's especially a logic test, so if you have a good sense of logic it becomes easy. This test has also a practice part with different subjects about service, website, front desk service. It is the less easy of both tests. There are many questions regarding the cleaning test that asks if you know the name of the tool.

Voices from students・Dorothee 2

Support at Linguage Japanese Language School

Throughout my studies with the Japanese school I have received a really profitable support. I have already learned all the good manners to be able to work in Japanese companies, to do an interview correctly, and I have also received the support to be able to find the company with which to work and also for the procedure and documents connected to job hunting. This school is really appropriate for this type of support and to find a job in Japan. I really recommend it.

Message to those with a dream of "I want to work in Japan"

The most important message that I would like to convey to you, is that in Japan, if you are motivated and smile, everything is possible. I encourage you to follow the path that I have followed, we can live magnificent experiences. So I invite you to come.