Story of Avazbek at Linguage Japanese Language School who has received a job offer

Listen to the story of Avazbek at Linguage Japanese Language School who has received a job offer.

Voices from Students

Voices from Students

Listen to the stories of students who studied
business Japanese and who have received job offers.
Travel with the graduating students who have received job offers
from companies that they always dreamed of.


This is Avazbek from Uzbekistan. He(she) talks about the experiences at Linguage Japanese Language School
and about the job-hunting in Japan. In addition, he shares with us all the support he received at
Linguage Japanese Language School and the obstacles he faced, and finally what kind of job he found in Japan.

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Inverview with a Linguage Japanaese Language School
graduate, Avazbek.

Congratulations on getting a job at a Japanese company.
First, please tell me about the company you will be working for and your responsibilities at the company.

Avazbek:The company I have been hired at sells and exports pianos overseas. About one month after I start there, I will receive training at a factory, and learn the basics of pianos. Then, I will be assigned to the Overseas Development Department at the Headquarters, and be responsible for exporting pianos to other countries such as Vietnam and Malaysia.

Voices from students・Avazbek

How much Japanese is required at the company where you will be working?

Avazbek:(As I will be working in just the same way as Japanese staff), business Japanese or better is required. In addition, English and Russian are required.

Of all the advice Linguage Japanese Language School instructors have given you, what do you remember the most?

Avazbek:When I first arrived in Japan, I barely spoke Japanese and thus, could not communicate very well with Japanese people. Then, the instructors at Linguage Japanese Language School said to me, “If you want to say something, use simple language and communicate what you want”. This is the advice that I remember very well. After this, I started to feel a little more comfortable speaking in Japanese to Japanese people.

When you were looking for a job in Japan, what support did you receive at the Linguage Japanese Language School?

Avazbek:When I started job-hunting, they taught me how to write a resume, and provided a wide variety of support through the instructors at Linguage Japanese Language School.
Before the interviews at Japanese companies, the instructors did mock interviews with me and when I actually went in for a real interview, I was able to have my interview feeling relaxed just as I had practiced. I will always remember the job fair that I attended the first time. The instructor at the Linguage Japanese Language School came with me and gave me advice all throughout the day. I was extremely nervous, and I was almost like a child needing a mother and relied on the presence of the instructors who came with me.

Voices from students・Avazbek

During job-hunting in Japan, how many job fairs did you attend, and how many job entry exams did you take?

Avazbek:I attended 7 job fairs and applied for approximately 30 companies although there were some who did not respond to my application. I went for an interview at 13 companies, and ended up having 20 interviews when everything was over.

Linguage Japanese Language School offers lessons on job-hunting and business Japanese.
How did you feel about those lessons?

Avazbek:At Linguage Japanese Language School, I took regular Japanese lessons, business Japanese, business emails in Japanese, and shadowing in Japanese for job-hunting and interview purposes. I believe that they were all useful lessons for job-hunting, and they will be beneficial after I start working at a Japanese company.
Writing resumes in Japanese was extremely difficult. I had to make many corrections when I wrote my address and education history. I was not sure what I was supposed to write in my “Self-PR (a section dedicated to explaining who I am and what advantages I have)”, and had to sit down with an instructor for a long time before I was able to complete it. I had to write it more than 100 times before it was satisfactory.

Would you give some advice to those who are going to job-hunt in Japan?

Avazbek:Linguage Japanese Language School offers lessons using tablet PCs with Wi-Fi, utilizing ICT. All the instructors care about the students like families do and it is such a friendly environment. I highly recommend Linguage Japanese Language School to those who wish to work in Japan.
If you are looking for a job in Japan, “practice makes perfect,” so hang in there until you have found a job that you have always dreamed of.